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Solar energy has been available to us for use since the beginning of creation. With growing energy needs, it is critical to use solar energy as one of the major source of electricity because it is never ending, free of cost & green source of energy. We need smart, efficient and effective techniques to harness and take advantage of the abundant solar energy for our day to day usage. It is clean (no fumes), quiet (unlike diesel generators) and renewable (unlike coal and other fossil fuels which take years to renew, the sun rays hit the earth everyday). Solar PV power systems must become more attractive as grid suply is getting costlier every year. In Solar Industry, rooftop solar is the most practical solution and very widely popular for simple design and remarkable benifits. We have NET-METERING available today which allowes us to feed the excess energy back to the grid. Net-metering is currently present in over 21 states in India. Central financial assistence ( CFA)approved by MNRE along with State subsidy, promotes this program. Both, central & state government has several diffrent schemes to make it even more accptable.

  • We are100% Solar company
  • We have Competitive Pricing
  • Expert in quality delivery


Solcells Energy is a young and dynamic group with a successful history of accomplishing on-grid & off-grid projects of cumulative capacity more than 2MW. We are experts in EPC ( Engineering , Procurement & Construction ) and I&C ( Installation & commissioning).We are committed to spread awareness about green energy by providing energy efficient solutions to domestic and commercial consumers for all their electricity need. We enable all consumer types get clean energy at a lower cost as compare to conventional sources of energy.





How Solar PV system work

  • Generated power is typically consumed by the loads within the building and excess power can be exported to the electricity grid.
  • PV arrays generate DC power which is converted to AC Power via the inverter.
  • Rooftop solar pv system are installed in building roofs. ( Residential, industrial or commercial)
  • On-Grid Systems are solar pv systems that only generate power when the utility power grid is available or any power source (Generator).

Our Services

Solcells Energy is committed to making solar accessible and providing energy efficiency solutions. We specialize in the custom design and installation of photovoltiac solar energy systems and efficiency services for homes and businesses. We help our clients achieve energy independence by generating clean renewable power and reducing usage. Our passion for solar power is made clear by the work and attention we pour into every install.

Solar services offered

  • Assistance on Central ( CFA ) & State subsidy
  • Assistance on Net- Metering
  • Taking TFR from DISCOMS
  • Feasibility Test ( for on-grid & off-grid both)
  • EPC ( Engineering , procurement & commissioning)
  • I&C ( installation & Commissioning )
  • Assistance on financial planning
  • Installation, Commissioning, Testing & Handover

Solar system can be deployed at

  • Residential buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Government Institutions & Buildings
  • Hospitals & Collegeses

Benefits of using Solar

  • Reduced energy charges up to ZERO/Month
  • Avail accelerated tax depreciation (ATD)
  • Utilize unused area/ rooftop.
  • 1 KWp Solar PV =68 fully grown trees.
  • Help to keep environment clean